Women Hair Loss

Women’s hair loss has plagued females for as long as history can remember. It is one of those conditions that all women dread and fear. Hair loss can not only have a physical impact but can affect women emotionally as well. If you’re a woman, whether you’re losing hair or not, these 7 facts should keep you well educated on hair loss.

1. Women’s hair loss can be genetic

That’s right. If your mother or aunt tends to have an issue with hair loss, there is a reasonable chance that It may be passed down to you. To ensure that the hereditary effects are minimized, your best bet would be to nurture and look after your hair with utmost care. This includes being gentle with it at all times and using natural oils to massage it to keep your roots strong and healthy.

2. Loss of hair during pregnancy is normal

Often women tend to lose hair during pregnancy and panic. Little do they know that this is a normal side effect of pregnancy just like the number of other symptoms experienced. If an acquaintance is pregnant be sure to alert them in advance so they won’t be taken aback when the symptom appears.

3. Women’s hair loss differs from men’s hair loss

Thankfully the difference is positive. While loss of hair isn’t something men would be happy about, it can be more damaging to women. Thankfully loss of hair in women occurs consistently along the head rather than concentrated at specific points which can be harder to disguise. Additionally, the loss of hair is less severe than for men.

4. Your diet can influence hair loss

A deficiency or overdosing on certain elements within the body is also known to cause hair loss. This is particularly true for certain vitamins. Most individuals acquire their required vitamins via their main diet therefore your diet should be watched closely in order to prevent hair loss.

5. Hair loss can be easily treated in most cases

Despite hair loss being an absolute nightmare for a woman, it can be quickly rectified using an array of treatments. Of course the treatment would depend on the cause, however usually taking oral medications or cosmetic modifications are the common solutions which are relatively easy to deal with.

6. Stress can cause hair loss

Are you stressed out or constantly worrying? If so, don’t be surprised if you start to experience hair loss. This could also be a warning sign to de-stress and reduce some of your workload.

7. Poor maintenance causes hair loss

Poor maintenance can be defined in a number of ways. Failing to periodically clean it as well as treat it using healthy oils as aforementioned may result in hair loss. Additionally, hairstyles and other cosmetic procedures that strain your hair severely can result in loss of hair.

Women’s hair loss can be quite a harsh condition to deal with but with adequate prevention methods as well as effective remedies, it should be easier to manage.