Rosenserien Skin Care

A Swedish natural cosmetic skin care series for the whole family Rosenserien skincare products contain genuine rose oil and have a base of Aloe Vera gel, Chinese green tea and vegetable oil. The entire series is free from animal ingredients, alcohol, mineral oils and chemicals. The products are dermatological tested on human volunteers, not on animals. RS Biokosmetik AB is headquartered in Valdemarsvik, Sweden and the series is marketed in Sweden and among others in Finland, Norway, Denmark and Estonia. The products are sold and used in salons, spas, health food stores and at the home sales.

Rosenserien products contain ingredients that are known not to be allergenic. The products are well pH-balanced and effective with its excellent balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, trace elements and antioxidants. The products are based on certified organic aloe Vera instead of water, which makes the products ergot and minimizes the need for preservatives.

Rosenserien has focused on quality ingredients and that means that the plants are not sprayed with chemicals, artificial fertilizer and that they are hand-picked at harvest. Rose oil is of course an important part in Rosenserien. Roses have been used in skincare for its good efficacy and fragrance during thousands of years in for example India, China and ancient Greece. Rose oil has a remarkable beneficial effect on all skin types and is especially suited well for the sensitive and mature skin. Rose oil is also considered to have a calming effect on irritated skin and the superficial vessels.

Rosenserien is dedicated on such products: Cleaning products that contain cleansing and washing gel that removes most types of makeup and dirt for different skin types, mud mask and peeling cream for deeper cleaning and rose water. Moisturizing products contains moisturizing creams that provide moisture to the skin type, moisture gel, eye gel which reduces the fine lines around the eyes. Body products containing vegetable soap, deodorant free of aluminum chloride and alcohol, body cream, hand cream, foot cream, protein shampoo, jojoba oil perfect as baby oil, body oil of sea buckthorn, carrot oil, and body peeling with sea buckthorn, tan and liniment with arnica. Special creams containvitaminkur, kurcream, make-up cream, aloe cream special, lip balm, vitamin c serum with rose rot.